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Attention: Successful, Growth-Minded Sporting Goods Retailers - Discover The Cimarron Advantage
Do you have a passion for success in the sporting goods industry? Do you love helping athletes, coaches, and teams pursue the dream of becoming the best they can be? Do you want to run the best business you can while building a good life for yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a good candidate for The Cimarron Advantage.

Cimarron Sports is currently accepting new retailers into our authorized network of dealers, The Cimarron Advantage.

As a registered retailer of Cimarron Sports, your business has access to an ever expanding line of sporting goods merchandise sourced throughout the world. As a manufacturer and distributor, Cimarron enables you to sell our own proprietary products and other brands carefully selected and tailored to the needs of our dealer network.

Whether you sell on-or-offline, we offer two flexible programs that accommodate the needs of both online and traditional storefront retailers.

Online Retailers: We provide you with the tools you need to quickly expand your line of products and grow your sales potential. You'll be able to quickly download your choice of product pictures from our image library. We even provide model sales copy for your website that you can use as is - or modify to fit your own style. And with our dropship solution, you'll never need to pay for a single product until after you've made the sale.

Traditional Storefronts: With Cimarron , you'll enjoy better customer selection with lower overhead costs. There is no need to make large, expensive orders before you know exactly what your customers want to buy! Just dropship our merchandise to your location for an in person presentation. Or, simply use our print catalog to present our over-sized products to your customer. When you make the sale, we'll ship the product directly to your customer.

You'll also enjoy:
  • Free enrollment in The Cimarron Advantage
  • No purchase minimums or required opening orders
  • No account, dropship, and/or handling fees
  • Access to our ever-expanding line of sports equipment
  • Our easy online ordering system
  • Manufacturer's product support for your customers
  • MAP pricing to protect you from an unfair competitive landscape
  • Flexible shipping options to get you the lowest shipping costs possible
  • Shipping to all 50 states and Canada . Rates to Hawaii , Alaska , and Canada may incur higher freight charges.