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FAQ Golf

Frequently Asked Golf Questions

  1. Q: Why should I choose an artificial putting green instead of a real putting green?A: The main reason is the maintenance involved. Natural grass putting surfaces require constant maintenance plus the cost of the equipment and chemicals that are needed. We have turf that requires sand-filling and others that do not.

    Our non-sand-filled turfs require only occasional removal of leaves, twigs, and other debris, which is an obvious requirement with any backyard putting green, natural or synthetic. The sand filled Performance putting green requires minimal effort to maintain, as opposed to a real grass green.
  2. Q: What type of base should I build if I want contours in the putting green?A: While concrete is the most durable base, the crushed limestone is much easier to manipulate and shape. Most people choose crushed limestone for that reason, besides the fact that it is also more economical than concrete.
  3. Q: What is the difference between sand filled turfs and non-sand filled turfs?A: Turfs that do not require sand-fill are denser. Their fibers are spring set to resist matting and they basically have a true ball roll and can be installed indoors or outdoors. A turf without sand fill generally has a foam backing that helps to cushion chip shots. The turfs without sand are by far our best sellers.

    Turfs that require sand fill generally have only a unitary backing (no urethane foam). The sand serves two purposes. First, it makes the turf stand upright and the amount of sand added will control the speed of the putting green. Second, the sand helps to cushion and hold the ball when chipping to the putting green. The propensity of the polypropylene to mat is 10 times greater than nylon.
  4. Q: Do you recommend one turf over another?A: The different turfs we sell have different features, which may appeal to different situations. However, nylon is maintenance free and is the most popular.
  5. Q: How hard is it to install a home putting green myself?A: Assuming that you have at least one or two people helping you, most backyard putting greens can be installed in a day or two, depending upon size. What separates SkillBuilder Putting Greens from most of our competitors is that we believe most people can install their own putting green which can save you a bundle. If you are not the "do-it-yourself" type, we do have a network of landscapers around the country that can assist you. Most landscapers have the experience necessary to install your putting green.
  6. Q: How long will it take to get the turf after it is ordered?A: Generally, you will receive the turf within 10-14 days, depending upon your location.
  7. Q: What is the size limitation?A: You can order any size you want. Our turfs come in 12' and 15' widths and they can be seamed together.
  8. Q: Do you offer any warranties?A: All of our sports equipment is covered by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace defective products, if it is deemed to be the fault of the manufacturer.

    The putting green turf is covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the time of purchase. If a defect develops under normal use, the putting green turf will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you, except for a shipping and handling charge which must be enclosed when returning your putting green turf. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, labor, damage in transit when returning, abuse or alteration.

    This putting green turf has a no-fade warranty for a period of 5 years. If the product is found to fade due to sunlight exposure within the time period, the manufacturer will replace it once it is returned. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, damage by accident, labor, damage in transit when returning, abuse or alteration.
  9. Q: How far away can I hit shots from and expect a realistic holding capability on the putting green?A: Most people purchase a putting green to practice putting and choose nylon because it putts more true. However, if you plan to hit shots from 15-100 yards, our sand-filled 1/2" Performance turf will provide the same response on the putting green as your home course. The 1" Performance turf will hold more sand, so it is capable of holding a shot from 100-150 yards.
  10. Q: Why kind of glue do I use to glue the seams?A: All of our turfs require polyurethane compatible adhesive.
  11. Q: What different materials may I use for a base?A: The undisputed best sub-base is concrete, but it is also the most expensive route. The next choice is 4" of crushed aggregate topped with another 4" of crushed limestone (1/4" minus). This design will allow the water to drain through the cups and into the aggregate. The crushed aggregate is also known as Class "A" rock or just clean stone with no fines. A more economical alternative is 4" of crushed limestone (1/4" minus) by itself. It should be above ground level and laid out so that water will run off.
  12. Q: What effect, if any, does the weather have on your synthetic putting green?A: We have customers in every climate imaginable from extreme heat to extreme cold. All of our turfs are very durable in all weather elements, but the nylon turfs will typically outlast the polypropylene. The most damaging effects will come from sunlight exposure. This is true with all synthetic putting greens. Nylon 6-6, used in our Par Saver and Ultimate putting greens, is the most durable material available.
  13. Q: What are the advantages of your artificial putting greens product?A: Affordable, little or no maintenance, easy installation, weather resistant, year round use, increases property value, and has warranty protection.
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