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Do You Really Need a Batting Cage Backstop?

Do You Really Need a Batting Cage Backstop?

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Do You Really Need a Batting Cage Backstop?

Backyard batting cages can be a costly investment, so it only makes sense for owners to protect them so they last as long as possible. If you still have exposed netting, you may be causing extensive damage with each missed or launched baseball. To prevent this, it is important to invest in a baffle net or backstop; however, here are some of the reasons a batting cage backstop may be more beneficial.

As previously stated, one of the biggest reasons to invest in a batting cage backstop is the ability to protect your netting from damage that may be caused by baseballs. With the options for vinyl or heavy-duty rubber backstops, you will have the barrier needed to absorb the impact of baseballs and prolong the life of your batting cage netting. This smaller investment will prevent the need to repair or completely replace your batting cage netting at an earlier date.

Aside from the protective layer that a backstop can provide for your batting cage netting, it also serves as a great tool for targeting pitching practice. Pitching inside of an enclosed space allows athletes the ability to keep balls from scattering into a wide area, allowing for easy retrieval and pickup. This allows you to take advantage of a target that can replicate a batter's box.

Any additions that are made to your batting cage will likely enhance the quality of your practice sessions and provide more value. If you are using a pitching machine, the addition of a backstop will not only protect your batting cage netting but give you a target to aim for.  Take advantage of SkillBuilder's backstop options and enhance your practice and protect your batting cage net for years to come.


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Do You Really Need a Batting Cage Backstop?
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