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Complete Your Batting Cage with a Polyball Pitching Machine

Complete Your Batting Cage with a Polyball Pitching Machine

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Complete Your Batting Cage with a Polyball Pitching Machine

While a batting cage is a great investment, it can be made more effective by utilizing a pitching machine to enhance your batting practice. Not only will this allow you to practice without the assistance of pitcher, it will give you the freedom to simulate a wide variety of pitch types. If you are looking for an effective pitching machine, here are some of the reasons you should invest in a polyball pitching machine from Tutor.

Battery Powered

One of the best features the polyball pitching machine has is the ability to utilize the internal rechargeable battery for up to 2 hours after each charge. This enables you to avoid using extension cords or electrical outlets that may not be near your batting cage. Tutor's polyball pitching machine comes with a smart charger that can provide a full charge overnight to ensure you are ready for your next practice session.

Multiple Pitch Types

Tutor's polyball pitching machine has variable pitching speed settings that go up to 60 mph. This allows hitters at all levels to challenge themselves and improve their hand-eye coordination. By moving the pitching machine closer, speeds can be simulated up to 90 mph. This pitching machine can also replicate straight pitches and curve balls.


Practicing away from your batting cage can be challenging without access to a portable pitching machine. Tutor's polyball pitching machine has detachable legs and weighs less than 28 pounds as a unit. Not only does this make it ultra-portable, it makes it easy for anyone to transport whenever needed to support their practice.


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Complete Your Batting Cage with a Polyball Pitching Machine
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