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Level-up your golf swing like never before with these five essential steps

Level-up your golf swing like never before with these five essential steps

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There’s nothing quite like the sight and sound of a golf ball gliding through the air after the perfect swing. It just looks, feels, and even sounds right. Makes you want to hit the course right now, doesn’t it?

Golf swings are like fingerprints: No two are exactly alike. But while every swing is different, you must know the essentials. This is true whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for years. So if you’re feeling stuck or are just starting out, the best way to get better is to get back to basics. Check out these five essential steps and level-up your swing like never before.

1.) Plant your feet

So many golf tips are just basic physics and a little common sense. Like finding your balance. For example, if you move back on your heels or forward on your toes, your hand and body will have to compensate, ruining your swing in the process. Even a minor movement can lead to major misfires. So plant your feet on the ground and stay balanced.

2.) Keep your hands and body in sync

Golf may be a solo sport, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t teamwork. In fact, two parts of your body must work together to deliver the perfect swing—your hands and feet. Swing with just your hands and you lose power. Swing with your shoulders or chest, with your hands locked firmly in place, and you’ll strike the ball with more power and consistency every time.

3.) Slow down

When you watch golf on TV, the pros always appear to be swinging fast. But that’s only because they’ve practiced a million times and swing smoothly. Don’t mistake speed for power or accuracy. Golf’s a leisurely game, so take your time, swing in tempo, and make sure your movements are aligned.

4.) Go with the flow

Golf swings are not vertical, horizontal or flat. Instead, think of a golf swing like a tilted circle. Follow through with your shot in a circular motion and you’ll swing with more precision, accuracy and power. But remember, don’t get too bogged down in the mechanics or worried about delivering the “perfect” swing. You’ll get robotic and tense, and send your ball everywhere but where you want it to go. You don’t have to be perfect yet. Just have fun and go with the flow. You’ll be better in no time.

5.) Practice, practice, practice...

And we can’t stress this enough: Practice some more. Nobody ever got better at anything just by reading or thinking about it. You have to do it. Nowhere is that more true than in golf. We’re here to help. Our Cimarron Swingmaster golf net and frame has everything you need to perfect your swing from your own backyard or garage. It’s constructed with sturdy, 1½” steel frame, with white #252 polyester netting that rolls the ball back to you after every hit. Turn your backyard into a driving range, and take your game to the next level.

Wherever you are in your journey as a golfer, contact us to see how we can help make you better.

Level-up your golf swing like never before with these five essential steps
2/10/2020 10:51:51 AM
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