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Get in shape for baseball season with these four winter-weather indoor training tips

Get in shape for baseball season with these four winter-weather indoor training tips

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Winter weather may be unpredictable, but there is one thing we can 100% guarantee—baseball season will be here before you know it! Thanks to the wild weather, you might be worried your team won’t be ready in time. We get it. It can be rainy on Monday, snowy on Tuesday, and a balmy 82-degrees on Wednesday. But just because it’s crazy outside doesn’t mean you have to postpone practice until springtime. There are lots of things you can do indoors between now and opening day. All you need is a gym or indoor practice facility, a few supplies (we’ll get to that in a sec), and energetic players ready to practice.

Here are four winter-weather indoor training tips, so you can be ready for baseball season.


1.) Have a plan

This may seem obvious, but it’s actually the most important item on our list. Making a plan and sticking to it maximizes practice time, which is especially important if you’re sharing gym space with other sports or activities. Some ideas include recruiting parents to help out, and breaking up your team into groups, with each group rotating through stations. You’ll keep your players from getting bored, and keep yourself from going crazy!

2.) Practice throwing

After stretching, your practice should start with throwing. We suggest you start by having players throw on one knee. This will help you quickly point out issues in their throwing technique before they turn into bad habits. Now you might be worried about losing balls or making a mess. We’ve got you covered there. The Cimarron Pro pitchback net and frame, and Cimarron Deluxe fastener kit make the ultimate indoor throwing combo. The 100% weatherized nylon net is 68” high and 48” wide, giving you plenty of throwing space, while the bungee balls fasten securely to the net, with an attached cord that gives you up to 10’ of throwing distance.

3.) Run agility drills

You’d be amazed how much you can accomplish with just 25-60 square feet of space and about four to six orange cones. There are so many indoor cone drills you can do. Our advice? Get creative! You know what your team’s strengths and weaknesses are, so focus your indoor practice time on getting better where you need to the most.

4.) Get everyone’s head in the game

Telling your players not to be couch potatoes is great advice, but let’s be honest—they’re going to be watching videos. Might as well make them watch videos about baseball, right? Once practice is over, give your team a little homework and ask them to watch videos focused on improving their technique and performance. There are plenty to choose from, but we recommend following Profect Sports. BTW, there are lots of great coaching videos out there too.

So are you ready for baseball season? Let us help get you there. Contact us to learn more about our variety of state-of-the-art nets, frames, cages and more.

Get in shape for baseball season with these four winter-weather indoor training tips
2/10/2020 11:09:40 AM
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