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Batting Cage Nets 101: Why Polyethylene?

Batting Cage Nets 101: Why Polyethylene?

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Making batting cage nets is an art and science. For us, it’s also a passion. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best batting cage nets possible. So we’ve thoroughly researched all available options, which basically means we’ve played a lot of baseball. (What can we say? We have awesome jobs.)

After hours of practice and years of experience, we’ve finally chosen the best material for you—twisted polyethylene netting. What makes twisted polyethylene better? Let’s go to school!


Nylon vs. Polyethylene

Batting cages are mostly made from either nylon or polyethylene, which don’t usually blend with other materials.

Nylon is strong and stretchy, but loses its strength in the sun and retains moisture. Not ideal for outdoor baseball practice.

Polyethylene gives you the best bang for your buck. Period. For one, polyethylene will only lose about 10% of its strength over its life. And while nylon has better tensile strength, that mostly applies to tennis rackets. Unlike tennis rackets, batting cages are hung loose to absorb impact, so tensile strength isn’t as important. Polyethylene has superior abrasion resistance than nylon, which is the most important characteristic for batting cages.

We use SkillBuilder batting cage nets that also feature two high-performance chemicals bonded and embedded into every strand to provide the ultimate UV protection and weather resistance:

Tinuvin® 788is a UV inhibitor that prevents breakdown caused by UV rays. Irganox B-215 provides weather resistance, and increases the impact resistance and strength of polyethylene nets.

So not only do our batting cage nets have the strength and abrasion resistance to stand up to your hardest hits and the harshest weather, they also have the UV-resistance to withstand the sun’s worst. Nice, right?

Practice makes perfect. So do we. Take advantage of our superior twisted polyethylene batting cage nets, and take your team to the next level. See available products. 

Batting Cage Nets 101: Why Polyethylene?
2/25/2020 11:08:42 AM
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