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Taking a Staycation? Spend Your Spring Break Getting Better at Baseball.

Taking a Staycation? Spend Your Spring Break Getting Better at Baseball.

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Staying home this spring? Awesome! Sure, beaches, big cities, and road trips can be lots of fun, but in our humble opinion nothing beats staying home and getting better at the sport you love. Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean you have to take a break from baseball.

Here are simple ways you can get better at baseball during your spring break.

Watch your favorite team on Opening Day

Spring break times vary, but most of the time it takes place in mid to late March. Do you know what else takes place this March? One of the best days of the year—Opening Day. This year, the MLB season starts earlier than ever: Thursday, March 26, 2020. We. Can’t. Wait! What better way to get better at baseball than to watch those who are already the best?

Don’t overdo it

This may be the most important piece of advice— on’t overdo it. Practice makes perfect, but too much practice can wear you down mentally and physically. So pace yourself. Add some practice time to your schedule, but don’t spend all of your free time bunting, hitting, throwing and pitching. In fact, spend some time doing something other than baseball, like reading, running, lifting, or simply relaxing. You’ll be that much more rejuvenated come game time.

Practice the right way

When it is time to practice, practice the right way and maximize your prep time with the 32x12x12 Diamond Deluxe Bundle. Our all-in-one, high-quality set is one of our most popular items, and includes everything you need to get better. Like our best-selling Diamond deluxe batting cage, step-down pitcher’s rubber, multi-position batting cage, and more. All you need to bring is a bat, baseball, yourself, and a good attitude. It works great for your backyard at home, or if you’re a coach it’s perfect for practicing at school or a rec facility. See why players and coaches love our Diamond Deluxe Bundle.

Make the best of your staycation and spend your spring break getting better at baseball. Need more advice or product info? Talking baseball is our favorite thing to do, so drop us a line, anytime. 

Taking a Staycation? Spend Your Spring Break Getting Better at Baseball.
3/10/2020 11:04:47 AM
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