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Six Ways to Stay in Shape While Staying at Home

Six Ways to Stay in Shape While Staying at Home

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Social distancing? Working from home? While you’re helping all of us stay safe and healthy, don’t forget about yourself! Just because you’re not going to the gym, office, golf course, or field doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. In fact, there are lots of fun ways to work out from home. Get a good sweat going, and get better at the sports you love, with these six ways to stay in shape while staying at home.

Get your stretch on with a free Yoga class!
Nothing beats a good stretch, especially when you’ve been cooped up on the couch all day. Plus, yoga has been known to relieve stress and anxiety, which we can all certainly use these days. So take a free online yoga class! Check out Yoga with Adrienne, Fightmaster Yoga, or better yet, check with a local yoga studio to see if they have online tutorials. You’ll feel great physically, and feel better knowing you’re supporting a local business.

Go for a run or walk.
We understand if you want to avoid leaving your house. But for those who need to stretch their legs or just get out of the house, running and walking is still a safe way to get some fresh air while maintaining social distance. Just be sure to stay at least six feet away from other walkers or runners. You can still be friendly. Just give passersby a friendly smile or wave from six feet away. They’ll understand!

Hit the gym (while staying at home).
When it comes to going to the gym, your living room is the ultimate “judgment-free zone!” Keep up your routine (or maybe start a new one) with the workouts being streamed on social media and websites. Best part? Many of them are free! Gyms that are streaming workouts include 24 Hour Fitness, OrangeTheory, Peloton, and Planet Fitness, so find the one that suits you best. Or better yet, check to see if local gyms are offering online workouts.

Make up your own routine.
You don’t need a computer or TV. All you need is yourself and a positive attitude! Stay in shape by coming up with your own workout routine. We recommend focusing on the workouts that get you the most bang for your buck, like pushups, squats or planks. Set a high goal for yourself based on number of sets. When you can do those with ease, set a higher goal. These workouts have been around forever for a reason—they work.

Turn your backyard into a green.
In uncertain times there is one thing you can always count on: golf! We may be biased, but there’s nothing we love more than getting some fresh air while playing the game we love. While some golf courses are still open, you don’t have to hit the links to play golf. We have golf nets and frames in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can perfect your game at home. Find the size that’s best for you.

Get better from your own backyard.
There are a lot of unknowns about high school and college sports right now. But just because things are up in the air doesn’t mean you can’t still get some fresh air, while getting better at the sports you love to play. Whether it’s football or baseball, we have a variety of at-home practice products available to you. Practice your game while you’re stuck at home, and get better when the seasons start up again. Check out our available products.

While we’re keeping our social distance, we’re still staying social. There’s nothing we love more than talking shop with friends and customers, so drop us a line for questions, comments or just to talk sports.

Six Ways to Stay in Shape While Staying at Home
5/14/2020 10:53:59 AM
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