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Missing MLB? Here's What You Can do Besides Watching Major League Baseball.

Missing MLB? Here's What You Can do Besides Watching Major League Baseball.

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If not for COVID-19, Thursday, March 26 would have been Opening Day. Yeah, so that didn’t exactly happen and we’re still pretty bummed about it. However, here’s some good news: The latest reports are that Major League Baseball will return this summer. Consider us stoked. Now for the so-so news: as of right now, the important details remain unknown. Ugh, right?

Even though pro baseball is coming back, chances are high (like 96.7%) it won’t be like any season in recent memory. There will be less games and maybe no crowds, necessary precautions the MLB must take to keep players, coaches, staff and fans safe during the pandemic.

Less baseball doesn’t have to mean no baseball. Need to fill the baseball-diamond shaped void in your heart? Here are some things baseball fans like you can do besides watching Major League Baseball!

Watch the last two seasons for free
MLB.TV is offering the 2018 and 2019 seasons for free! MLB.TV is the Netflix for baseball buffs, and is an awesome service when you have to pay for it. But when it’s free? Then it qualifies for no brainer status. See how to sign up.

Open the vault.
Go back in time and watch classic games from days gone by on MLB Vault on YouTube. We’re talking full World Series games, historic games, Home Run Derbys, perfect games, classic plays, and so much more. Watch your favorites or discover something new on the MLB Vault.

Watch classic baseball films.
If you’re like us, baseball isn’t just your favorite sport; it’s your favorite movie genre too. Some of our favorites are The Pride of the Yankees, Bull Durham, Moneyball, The Natural, Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own (it’s a long list). Find out where to stream our favorites, or look up your own at JustWatch.com.

Go outside and play.
There’s only one thing in the world better than watching baseball and that’s playing baseball. Since you’re stuck at home, why not run to homebase with our selection of baseball specials. One of our favorites is the Cimarron 7’x6’ #42 L Net and Frame, which can keep novice pitchers safe while learning their craft. But no matter how good you are, our products can make you better.

Want to ask about our products, or simply just want to talk baseball? There’s nothing we enjoy better (plus we’ll give your pointers on “must watch” MLB games), so contact us.

Missing MLB? Here's What You Can do Besides Watching Major League Baseball.
5/14/2020 9:57:47 AM
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