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Stay Safeóand Saneóby Playing Golf During COVID-19. Hereís How.

Stay Safeóand Saneóby Playing Golf During COVID-19. Hereís How.

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We’ve always said the secret formula to happiness isn’t a secret at all—it’s just 4.5 hours plus 18 holes and 150 acres, give or take. Turns out, golf is the perfect game to play during our uncertain times too.

We’ve already talked about how golf is good for you. With folks stuck inside and suffering from serious cases of cabin fever, thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns, golf can help you stay sane while maintaining social distance.

However, there are still some steps you need to take to protect yourself and others. Here’s how to stay safe while playing golf.

Follow proper protocols.

First and foremost, follow the CDC’s guidelines for staying safe. These include maintaining a social distance of at least six feet; wearing a mask; not touching or rubbing your face, mouth or eyes; and staying home if you’re older than 65 or are immunocompromised in some way. Yes, golf does give you a great opportunity to get out, but you still need to stay smart.

Take a mulligan on the post-match handshake.

We know, we know, this advice is tantamount to sacrilege. The post-match handshake is as much a part of the game as taking a mulligan on a scratched shot. However, for the time being, you’re going to have to skip the post-match handshake. Yes, it’s a long-standing tradition, but maybe this is your chance to come up with a new tradition. Just be sure it doesn’t involve touching or getting closer than six feet.

Wipe down your gear.

Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in your golf bag or in your golf cart. Wipe down your golf balls and all of your golf clubs before and after you play. Also, you’re liable to be touching lots of random objects during a game, so be sure to wipe your hands with sanitizer after each hole.

Play at home.

You probably don’t live on a golf course (though it would be really cool if you did). Good thing you don’t need 150 acres, as we have products for pretty much any sized backyard. Check out our selection of putting greens to find the one that’s perfect for you. Choose from nylon or fringe turf in a variety of styles.

While we’re keeping our social distance, you can always contact us anytime. Let us help you find the accessories to take your game to the next level.

Stay Safeóand Saneóby Playing Golf During COVID-19. Hereís How.
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