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The Benefits of Practicing in a Batting Cage

The Benefits of Practicing in a Batting Cage

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The Benefits of Practicing in a Batting Cage

You would likely be hard pressed to find a top batter in the MLB or NPF that hasn't spent a considerable amount of time practicing in a batting cage. In fact, utilizing a batting cage is one of the quickest ways to develop the skills needed to be a successful batter. While many will argue that there is no better way to improve your batting than with a live pitcher simulating game conditions, there are many advantages to practicing in a batting cage.

Continuous Batting

One of the biggest advantages achieved by practicing in a batting cage is the ability to take swing after swing without to track down hit balls around the field before practice can resume. In a batting cage, the batter has the opportunity to stand in the box as long as necessary to improve their form and perfect their swinging technique. This provides the opportunity for continuous batting practice to boost hand eye coordination and read pitches more easily.

Targeted Batting Practice

Batting cages can often be fitted with targets that also function as a backstop or backdrop to protect the batting cage from the impact of hit balls. This provides a unique opportunity for batters to work on perfecting the placement of their hits to best benefit the team during game situations. Having the ability to place the ball where you want it is invaluable for putting points on the board and leading your team to victory.

Increased Batting Power

While gripping the bat and ripping baseballs as hard as possible is a phenomenal stress release, it can also provide valuable increases to your batting power. Perfecting your batting technique to use the power of your core is critical for improving batting power. By spending time in the batting cage, you will have more opportunity to build your batting power.

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The Benefits of Practicing in a Batting Cage
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