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Batting Cage Nets: What Should You Look For?

Batting Cage Nets: What Should You Look For?

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Batting Cage Nets: What Should You Look For?

So, you've taken the plunge and have decided to invest in a batting cage for your developing athletes. While practicing your batting at the field can be rewarding, the installation of a batting cage can give you the opportunity to have an extended practice without the need to track down balls that have already been hit. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for when browsing batting cage nets.

Netting Material

Battings cage nets are typically constructed from polyethylene or nylon to provide a long-lasting, durable product. While nylon is stronger, the expensive costs of this material lead many to invest in thicker, polyethylene twine for the batting cage net material. It is important to ensure the material used in the construction of your batting cage is UV treated if it will be outdoors to protect from dry out and cracking.

Netting Thickness

When looking at batting cage nets on SkillBuilder, you will likely notice that the different nets are labeled with a twine size. For example, the batting cages page has four different net options ranging from #24 to #84. For a moderate batting practice, #24 poly net will generally be fine; however, extended batting practice for hard hitters will likely require one of the thicker netting options.

Netting Size

The size of the batting cage nets that you look for will likely be determined by the frame size you have invested in. At SkillBuilder, we make the process easier by selling batting cage nets in a kit with the matching frame. All you have to do for the perfect batting practice set up is determine the thickness of the net that you will use.

SkillBuilder Provides Superior Batting Cages

Whether you are interested in a commercial or residential batting cage solution, SkillBuilder is here to help. We offer a wide variety of batting cages, batting cage frames and pitching machines to help develop the skills needed to be the best athlete you can be. We invite you to browse our baseball products to find the perfect solution for you!

For questions or custom net installations, call us at (877) 463-0109 or contact us today!

Batting Cage Nets: What Should You Look For?
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