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Protect Your Investment with a Vinyl Backstop

Protect Your Investment with a Vinyl Backstop

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Protect Your Investment with a Vinyl Backstop

It's no secret that batting cage netting can take a lot of abuse over the years without the proper protection. As pitched or fouled baseballs hit the back of the netting, they can cause damage that wears down the integrity with repeated use. To help limit this potential damage, many batting cage owners will install a vinyl backstop to help absorb impact and protect their netting.

SkillBuilder proudly offers many of the top vinyl backstop options available to ensure our customers have everything needed to protect their investment in a batting cage. These easily installed backstops provide a simple, yet effective way to protect your net from damages caused by wayward baseballs. Here are some of the top options available today:

Cimarron 4'x6' Vinyl Backstop

For pitchers looking to build their skills inside of a batting cage, the Cimarron 4'x6' Vinyl Backstop features a printed catcher image. This allows athletes the opportunity to not only protect their netting but focus on improving their accuracy as well. As a great economical option, this backstop stops the hardest pitched balls with no problem.


Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop

It can be hard to find a balance between practice full force and worrying about whether or not your netting can take it. To get the best of both worlds, SkillBuilder offers the Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop to allow you to give your all during practice and improve your accuracy at the same time. As a dual-use training tool, the Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop has become an affordable and popular option for many batting cage owners.


SkillBuilder Provides Superior Vinyl Backstops

Whether you are interested in commercial or residential vinyl backstop solutions, SkillBuilder is here to help! We offer a wide variety of batting cagesbatting cage frames and pitching machines to help develop the skills needed to be the best athlete you can be. We invite you to browse our baseball products to find the perfect solution for you!

For questions or custom net installations, call us at (877) 463-0109 or contact us today!

Protect Your Investment with a Vinyl Backstop
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