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- No one sells a comparable batting cage for less than Cimarron. Remember, you get what you pay for - Not all batting cages are the same.


- Always compare the shipping weight. The manufacturer''s cost is based on the weight. Therefore, the heavier the net, the more material it takes to build it, making the batting cage a much stronger cage and higher quality.


- If you are looking at a 70x14x12 #36 batting cage and the shipping weight is 50 pounds from one store and 140 pounds from another, the 50 pound cage is not truly a #36 and does not have near the quality and strength as the 140 pound cage. This simple fact alone is why Cimarron cages are proven to be the highest quality.

Method of Construction

- Tests have shown that twisted knotted netting is by far the strongest and can take the most abuse. Knitted, braided and rachel netting are the cheapest to manufacture, and have a much shorter life than twisted.


- Nylon is the best, polyester is also very strong, but heavy. Polyethylene is next and polypropylene is at the bottom. Nylon and polyester will absorb water unlike polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene and polypropylene cost about the same to manufacture, but very few companies sell polypropylene because it tends to frazzle and not hold up well.

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