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Custom Putting Greens Builder

Putting greens image

Putting is often the skill that golfers struggle with most. Successful putting requires adequate practice to read the break of the green, gauge the speed of the ball and the force that should be applied to it. Sinking your puts could be the deciding factor between par or a double bogey, making the ability to practice your putting whenever possible important. To ensure you have the tools needed, Cimarron Sports offers custom putting greens that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our Custom Putting Greens Builder allows you to choose the layout, size and materials used in the construction of your custom putting green to ensure complete satisfaction and a beautiful finished product every time. With optional turf, you can even utilize your custom putting greens to practice chipping to the hole. Each Complete Putting Green is precisely pre-cut and seamed together at the factory. Finding the perfect custom putting green is as simple as choosing a design and then choosing one of the Fringe Turfs. Once these options have been determined your custom putting green will be ready for your approval.

Once the Custom Putting Green Builder helps determine the best putting green for you, you will have the option to complete your order. After the order is placed, we will begin constructing your personal custom putting green that will arrive at your door completely assembled. Greens over 15' wide will be cut in half down the middle, due to shipping restrictions; however, seaming tape and glue is included to put the 2 pieces together.

To choose your putting green, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the size and design of your custom putting green.
  2. Choose the turf you want for your custom putting green.
  3. Choose the optional fringe for your custom putting green.
  4. Click "Find My Green" to access a page showing your green and the costs.

More turf information is available below to help determine the right fit for your needs. If you are unsure what turf would work best for your custom putting green, free samples are also available. We look forward to helping you create your perfect custom putting green to meet your needs.

Step 1: Select Size and Design

  • 15' X 19' - A image
  • 15' X 19' - B image
  • 15' X 27 ' image
  • 18' X 27 ' image
  • 27' X 35' image
  • 27' X 39' image

Step 2: Select Putting Green

  • Par Saver image

Step 3: Select Fringe Turf

  • No Fringe image
  • Symbior image
  • Best Cut image

Greens Turf Styles

Par saver preview image

Par Saver

This is the premier synthetic putting green turf. It is constructed of nylon 6-6, the strongest synthetic putting green material available. The 8-12 end mono filament construction is the best known product that imitates the vein structure of real green grass. The speed of the putting green ranged from 9-11 on the stimpmeter. Call for Free samples.

Material: 1/2" 6-6 nylon with a 5mm urethane foam backing.
Turf Weight: 48 oz.
Important Facts: Our best putting green. Does not require sand fill.
Stimpmeter speed: 9-11
Color: Verde (as shown)

Fringe Turf Styles

Symbior preview image


This fringe material is brand new technology, and it simulates the look and feel of real grass. It is constructed with polyethylene grass veins and nylon inner thatch material knitted to a base material. Because of the knitted nylon inner thatch material, you can chip from the fringe. The real grass (look-alike) fringe stands 1" to 1 1/2" tall. No sand is required. For an additional charge, black 5/8" closed cell ensolite backing can be added to raise the height of the fringe. Call for Free samples.

Material: Polyethylene and Nylon. Does not have foam backing.
Turf Weight: 72 oz.
Important Facts: Knitted and very strong. Like real grass. Est. 10 yr. life. Sand can be added.
Stimpmeter speed: 9-11
Color: Verde (as shown)
Best Cut preview image

Best Cut

The Best Cut fringe material is the most realistic looking fringe turf available. It has 1 3/8" poly blades with nylon thatch for extra buoyancy. The Best Cut putting green does not require sand fill, but it can be added for extra blade support. If you choose to add the sand or rubber fill, it should be added after the fringe is installed. The Best Cut turf is easy to cut and attach to any putting green and it looks better than the rough on your favorite golf course. Call for Free samples.

Material: 1 3/8" Polyethylene & Nylon thatch
Backing: 1 3/8" Polyethylene & Nylon thatch
Turf Weight: Poly - 45oz; Nylon - 25oz.
Important Facts: Knitted and very strong. Like real grass. Est. 10 yr. life.
Color: Verde (as shown)
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