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Cimarron Pro Homeplate Mats

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Spending time in a batting cage provides invaluable batting experience in the shortest amount of time possible. However, without the use of a home plate mat, you likely aren't developing your batting skills to remain consistent in a batter's box during a real game scenario. To ensure your practice sessions can be applied to actual games, it is important to utilize a home plate mat to remain in the batter's box and properly develop your batting techniques and form.

For athletes looking for the highest quality home plate mats available, Cimarron Pro Homeplate Mats are hard to beat. This model was created to provide the most realistic home plate mat experience currently available on the market without the need to permanently place it with glue or tie-downs. Much like the other home plate mats available through Cimarron Sports, this Pro model is built to last, Special care has been taken to ensure this product provides the best and most realistic experience possible.

Cimarron Pro Homeplate Mats are the best way to save your home plate from wear and tear during extended practice sessions and create a realistic setting for batting practice in batting cages. This Pro version is constructed from foam backed nylon turf and features an inlaid home plate and tufted batter's box lines to provide the most realistic and durable home plate mat out there while remaining spike resistant and durable.

  • Tufted batter's box lines
  • Inlaid home plate
  • Constructed of durable, spike resistant, foam backed nylon turf
  • Stands up to heavy usage indoors or outdoors
  • Use them over dirt or a hard surface
  • Requires no gluing or tie-down
  • Pick them up when practice is over

Cimarron Pro Homeplate Mats provide the highest quality home plate mat available on the market with superior features at a great price point. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our baseball and softball mats are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior support for you or other athletes.

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Is this product not quite what you were looking for? Cimarron Sports is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every product we provide and strive to meet the custom needs of our customers. If you are in need of custom nets or installation services, the experts at Cimarron Sports can help. To get started, contact us or give us a call at 888-816-6517 to speak with one of our experts today!

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