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10" Indoor Pro Practice Mound

Product Code: PO-2250INDOOR
Price: $999.00
The Oversize Indoor Practice Portable Pitching Mound is perfect for gymnasiums, athletic facilities, sport courts, and any indoor application. The full body, high performance poly protected resilient core construction gives pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area reducing knee and ankle strain. Oversize model available for the tallest pitchers, longest strides and extra “noisy” wind ups. Larger back area is perfect for practicing pick off moves. The poly coating grips gymnasium floors without scratching. Simulated rubbers never wear out. The two piece design allows easy moving and storage, less than 60 lbs. per section!
  • Full body construction with overlapping interlock design (no shell)
  • NEW smooth bottom grips clean floors
  • Enables pitchers weight to transfer directly to floor to reduce mound from sliding during pitching practice
  • Cushioned landing reduces knee and ankle strain
  • Will not damage or scratch gym floors
  • Level pivot area in front of rubbber to promote good balance
  • Manufactured with resilient polyethylene foams and simulated rubber covering that will not wear down
  • Less than 60 pounds per section
  • Total storage space needed - 10"H x 48"L x 102"L

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