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Heater Crusher Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine

Product Code: TS-CR99
Price: $129.99
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  • AC Outlet Power Adapter
  • 1 Dozen Professional Mini-Balls (Hard Poly-White Balls for High Speed Outdoor Use)
  • Rugged Tubular Steel Tripod Stand
  • Dual Motor Speed Controls For Professional Pitch Adjustment
  • Throws Fast Balls and Left or Right Handed Curve Balls
  • Professional Dual Motor Variable Speed Controls, Adjusts Pitches from 15 to 45 mph
  • Uses both Mini Hard Poly-White Balls and Soft-Foam Yellow Balls, specifically designed for speed, safety and increased accuracy
  • Automatic Ball Feeder Pitches Every 5-8 Seconds
  • Large Ball Hopper Holds 4 Dozen Mini-Balls
  • 2 Year Warranty
Professional Pitch Location System (PPLS) is the technique used by hundreds of professional level hitters. The Crusher pitches the desired pitch in the same location time and time again. This allows you to train your body and mind to memorize the location, feel, and mechanics of hitting the ball in each specific location. Now with slight adjustments to your swing and bat angle, you can hit the ball at will and develop long-ball crushing power.

Can't find the size you want? Don't worry. We'll make one for you!

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