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Cimarron #252 Netting

Product Code: CM-252-10P
Price: $4.19
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Impact netting is crucial for areas that are prone to golf ball damage and need added protection from the damage that can be caused by hit golf balls. For this reason, you will often see impact netting around indoor practice facilities, prestigious golf courses, urban areas and driving ranges. Choosing a high-quality impact netting can ensure the safety of both your property and individuals that may be in or around it.

If you already have the perfect frame for your personal golf practice net or would like to construct your own practice golf net, Cimarron #252 Netting is the perfect netting material for your project. Available in both 10'W x 1 Linear Foot and 20'W x 1 Linear Foot, you have the ability to get the right amount of netting needed to complete your golf practice net. This is the same netting used on the top and sides of our Master Golf Nets.

Cimarron #252 Netting comes in various lengths of unbordered #252 MFP (multifilament polypropylene) netting for use in golf practice nets or other similar applications. Multifilament polypropylene does not shrink, while other netting materials, such as nylon, may shrink up to 13% after installation. The netting is black for maximum UV protection during outdoor use and woven tightly into a 7/8" mesh to catch even the hardest hit golf balls.

  • Constructed of #252 multifilament polypropylene
  • Will not shrink, like nylon
  • Black for maximum UV protection
  • Tightly woven into 7/8" mesh
  • Strong protection from hit golf balls
  • Same netting used on the top and sides of our Master Golf Nets

Cimarron #252 Netting is designed to provide protection from stray hit golf balls. Applications include barrier netting and border netting for golf practice - #252 netting is not designed for repetitive and direct golf shots. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our golf nets are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior development of needed skills for athletes.


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