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Infield Eraser Mat Drag 6.5' x 4' with Tow Rope

Product Code: MA-05534
Price: $219.99
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This mat drag is our largest Eraser and is specifically designed to be pulled by a tractor. The 6.5’ width is ideal for covering large “all dirt” infields in the least amount of passes and is wide enough for covering tire tracks. The 4’ mat depth is ideal for everyday field grooming. Detachable tow chain included. The Eraser mat used on this model is 25% heavier per square foot than our standard 5x3 Eraser mat along with larger percolation holes.

The Magic Behind the Eraser

The Eraser mat is one of the most sought after field grooming devices made in decades! It will even work in adverse, damp soil conditions opposed to the standard metal drags which will "load up" and actually make your playing surface unlevel or unsafe. Its lightweight design makes it easy for any groundskeeper, coach or player to use and carry.

As you pull the mat drag it will percolate and dry the material giving your field a professional finish. Another benefit while dragging is that it will not harm your grass, mounds, or home plate if it inadvertently comes into contact with them. When finished grooming with an Eraser, very little material is left in the mat. You no longer need to rake out or remove all the excess dirt that typically accumulates when dragging with traditional metal drags.

Have you ever bent or kinked a metal drag or struggled to unroll one bound with dirt? If yes, then the Eraser is your solution to these problems! The flexible mat material can be driven over without damage and is easy to roll and unroll. With proper care and storage the Eraser will outlast the competition.

Can't find the size you want? Don't worry. We'll make one for you!

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