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Cimarron Diamond Deluxe Cage with Frame Corners

Product Code: 3232224TPC
Price: $899.00 NOW $350.00  (Save 61%)

Get the performance-boosting features of our Cimarron Diamond Deluxe, but at a much lower cost. The Cimarron Diamond Deluxe cage with frame corners includes all of the features that make the original a top choice for serious ball players and teams, except for the poles. It includes our Cimarron #24 net, made with our premium polymer blend, with twisted knotted twine construction for maximum strength. And the frame corners are made with 1½” powder-coated steel for durability, rigidity and strength in any weather. Thanks to its versatile, innovative design it empowers your players to develop their strengths, as well as to practice bunting, drag bunting, and slap hitting without running into a net. For the ultimate all-in-one batting cage solution, just pick up 24, 10’ poles made with 1¼” thin-walled EMT at any local hardware store. For high quality and performance at a lower cost, turn to the Cimarron Diamond Deluxe cage with frame corners.


  • Net is made with our premium polymer blend for all-weather durability and featuring a two-year limited warranty
  • Twisted, knotted twine for maximum strength
  • 32x32x12 Diamond Deluxe batting cage with frame
  • Full rope borders
  • Net hangers
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • 4’ door for easy entry and exit
  • Does not absorb water and will not shrink
  • 1½” powder-coated steel frame corners and poles

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