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Cimarron #24 40x12x10 Net and Corners with Vinyl Backstop

Product Code: CM-402024TPC
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Save money and boost your batting average with the Cimarron #24 batting cage and frame corners. This all-in-one kit includes everything but the poles, which can be picked up at your local hardware store. Setup is fast and easy, so you can spend your time practicing, not putting a cage together. It even includes our #24 twisted polymer netting. Our Cimarron #24 batting cage and frame corners come in a variety of sizes and can be paired with 10’, 1¼” (ID) EMT poles for all your practice needs. See why the Cimarron #24 batting cage and frame corners is one of the best values in baseball.


  • Net is made with our premium polymer blend for all-weather durability and features a two-year limited warranty
  • Twisted, knotted twine for maximum strength
  • Full rope borders
  • Three top ropes to minimize sag
  • Net hanger
  • 18’ tie-down ropes with rope stakes
  • 4’ door for easy entry and exiting
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Doesn’t absorb water and won’t shrink
  • End caps for frame poles included
  • 1½” powder-coated steel frame corners
  • 2-year limited warranty

FREE 4'x6' Vinyl Backstop with Catchers Image

The Cimarron 4'x6' Vinyl Backstop with Catcher Image is a great addition for your batting cage for added protection or pitching practice. This heavy duty vinyl backstop provides extended support for your batting cage netting and stops the hardest pitched balls with no problem. Not only will this help protect your batting cage for years to come, it will provide excellent support for athletes looking to improve their pitching accuracy and skill.

  • 6' H x 4' W
  • Comes in black color
  • Stops the hardest pitched balls with no problem
  • A great economical way to save your batting cage
  • Heavy duty vinyl with catcher image
  • Easy to set up and move

The Cimarron 4' x 6' Vinyl Backstop with Catcher Image is designed to provide superior support for pitching practice or be used as a heavy duty backstop to protect your batting cage from damage. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron Sports is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our backdrop solutions are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior protection for your batting cage.

Can't find the size you want? Don't worry. We'll make one for you!

Is this product not quite what you were looking for? Cimarron Sports is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every product we provide and strive to meet the custom needs of our customers. If you are in need of custom nets or installation services, the experts at Cimarron Sports can help. To get started, contact us or give us a call at 888-816-6517 to speak with one of our experts today!

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