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ProMounds 50/70 Youth Pitching Mound

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The ProMounds 5070 Youth Game Mound is the latest in ProMounds portable pitching mound technology for your baseball games or practice. This popular game mound is built with a durable, lightweight memory foam, and the 5070 game mound will hold up to the most demanding little league schedules for many baseball seasons to come. The pitching rubber is built down into the pitcher’s mound, level with the top of the hill to give a smooth slope behind. The steep back and sides give more area to the top to help your pitchers keep their hips level when pitching. Grooves on the bottom of the pitcher’s mound give extra traction to reduce slipping. Designed with a handle to help lift the mound off the dirt. The ProMounds 5070 is only 36 pounds and made with a durable foam that will last many seasons to come. Built for ages 12 & under. Great for indoors or outdoors. Ships ground, no Freight needed!
Stop settling for pitching mounds that just aren't working out and get your kid a 5070 mound today!

  • Durability built in using our patented ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology.
  • Converts your softball field into a Little League field instantly.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Official Little League pitching mound height specs
  • This style pitchers mound is available in Green and Clay color turf.

Can't find the size you want? Don't worry. We'll make one for you!

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