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Cimarron 5mm White Lacrosse Replacement Net

Product Code: 667LN5
Price: $59.00
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The sport of lacrosse has become an international sensation and has developed a loyal following the United States. More and more athletes and their schools are forming their own lacrosse teams, leading to an increased demand in lacrosse goals and the equipment needed to maintain them. With the popularity of this sport steadily increasing, the need for high-quality equipment that is required to successfully play the game becomes more important.

While your existing lacrosse netting is durable and built to stand up to heavy use, there may come a time that replacing the netting on your lacrosse goal is necessary for continued functionality. To ensure you have the equipment you need, Cimarron Sports proudly sells our Cimarron White Lacrosse Replacement Net to easily replace the net on your Cimarron Lacrosse Goal or another official lacrosse goal. We will continue to remain committed to providing the highest quality lacrosse netting, goals and sports equipment available to the public.

The Cimarron White Lacrosse Replacement Net is a constructed of durable polyester that is available in 5mm or 7mm sizing to meet your particular goal requirements for both official high school and college lacrosse. To make installation of your replacement netting simple, we also include a replacement lacing cord that can be used to quickly attach your replacement netting to your Cimarron Lacrosse Goal. This product is available as a 5mm official net for high school lacrosse or a 7mm official net for college lacrosse but will fit on any official size lacrosse goal.

  • 6'x6'x7' polyester net with included lacing cord
  • Available in 5mm or 7mm netting
  • Easy attachment to Cimarron Lacrosse Game Goal
  • Fits any official size lacrosse goal

The Cimarron White Lacrosse Replacement Net is the perfect backup netting for your official size lacrosse goal for both high school and college lacrosse.  All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our Lacrosse equipment is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the products meet your quality standards.

Can't find the size you want? Don't worry. We'll make one for you!

Is this product not quite what you were looking for? Cimarron Sports is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every product we provide and strive to meet the custom needs of our customers. If you are in need of custom nets or installation services, the experts at Cimarron Sports can help. To get started, contact us or give us a call at 800-580-4314 to speak with one of our experts today!

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